Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Attorney for Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation

The right attorney can make a significant difference in your commercial litigation case. Different attorneys may handle cases in varying ways and may not have the same advocacy skills. While you may not have much time to hire an attorney, you still need to be deliberate. Here are some things to consider when hiring an attorney for your commercial litigation case.


First and foremost, you should hire a lawyer with the experience necessary to handle your case. You would not hire a family law attorney for a large corporate case with high stakes. Generally, you want someone who has dealt with a case involving your specific area. In addition, you also want to pay close attention to your attorney’s record, which goes beyond merely winning cases. Successful results often mean that you have avoided litigation entirely.

Further, you want to know which attorneys will be assigned to your case. Law firms will use associates for your case, but you also want experienced partners handling the heavy lifting.

How the Lawyer Communicates With You

Your attorney will be a constant presence throughout your case. You need your attorney to be responsive to your concerns and communicative with you. The last thing that you want is for your calls to go unreturned. You must also know when your lawyer is available. Commercial litigation cases can be complex, and you need to understand complicated legal topics that your lawyer should be able to explain.

Your Attorney’s Capacity

A commercial litigation case can take up much or all of your attorney’s time. If your case goes to court and the lawsuit proceeds through the system, your attorney would be devoting long hours to your case. While they may have other clients, your case could take up most of their time. You do not want an attorney with no clients and all the time in the world, but you do not want an attorney with no time for you or your case.

The Law Firm’s Capabilities

Commercial litigation involves much more than just appearing in court. An extensive process could deal with hundreds of documents or more. The law firm may need more than one attorney on staff to handle your case. Then, they may have to handle or produce large amounts of data in the discovery process. The law firm needs an infrastructure to handle your case effectively. You should understand how discovery will be handled and the other aspects of your case.

Fee Structure

Depending on the type of case, many commercial litigation actions will not be handled contingently. You will pay an attorney by the hour, so you must understand how you will be charged. Commercial litigation cases also involve fees beyond the attorney’s time, so you have to know how much you will be charged for what.

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