Month: November 2020

Address a hostile work environment with the right policies

Operating a work environment that harbors a welcoming attitude is not always easy. Some workers may toe the line between joking around and causing serious issues in the workplace for other employees who may take offense to certain actions. New Jersey employers have a duty to recognize signs of a hostile work environment and take …

Which entity is best for the success of your small business?

Starting a new business often means putting a great deal of your life on the line. You are willing to invest your time, energy and money in the hope that your business will be successful enough to support you and your family and perhaps become a legacy for future generations. Ideally, you can create a …

Choosing the right experts for construction projects is vital

Starting any construction project is a major undertaking, and New Jersey construction company owners know that they have a lot to deal with before they can even break ground. If a company is just starting out, they may need to find the right experts, like architects, to involve in their projects. Choosing the right person …

Can Taxpayers Clobbered by IRS Challenges to Their Federal Income Tax Deductions for Conservation Easement Grants Recoup their Loss?

Section 170(h) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”), sets forth rules allowing income tax deductions to taxpayers who grant conservation easements on real estate in perpetuity to qualifying non-profit organizations, generally within exacting requirements.  But the beneficent congressional intentions behind their enactment of Section 170(h) had the unintended consequence of …

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