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Alternative Dispute Resolution

When you get into a dispute with another party, it does not have to end up in court. There are alternative dispute resolution options that you may choose to pursue that are less expensive and less time consuming than court. In mediation, the two parties negotiate toward a settlement, whereas arbitration works similar to a court hearing except the person overseeing the dispute is an arbitrator selected by one or both of the two parties. Our lawyers have experience with both forms and will represent you with the same aggressiveness as we would in court and ensure that your rights are protected and your demands are met.

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Banking Law

The financial world has endured significant changes over the years. The industry is constantly trying to keep up with the changes, and it can be difficult when you are running a business. Given the fluidity of the regulations, you will need to rely on our knowledgeable lawyers who are informed of these shifting changes as new rules take effect and others expire. We will work with you or your corporation to see that you follow these regulations, and we will keep you informed about any changes that you need to make to your business model or your corporation.

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Business Law

When you own or run a business, there are legal aspects with which you must contend, including corporate filings, tax forms, creating bylaws, abiding by those bylaws, and others. The legal aspects of running a business are complex and important. Failing to file the correct form on time could force your business to have to shut down temporarily, which could jeopardize its long-term viability. When you retain a lawyer, they can advise you on legal matters that require your attention and address corporate deadlines for filings and other matters. They can also work with you in negotiating transactions with third parties, including construction crews and other contractors.

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Civil Litigation

We are prepared to defend our clients no matter if they are a business or an individual. We assist our clients in various types of litigation, from environmental law, to tax law, to a dispute among neighbors. It might appear to be a daunting task if you are facing litigation, but our lawyers will help you through the process and explain each step as we proceed. Along with individuals, we work with corporations, financial institutions, partnerships, schools, nonprofit agencies, and those in disputes with shareholders, lender liability, employment contracts, torts, real estate, and environmental obligations.

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Environmental Law

New Jersey has some of the most restrictive environmental regulations in the United States, and the laws at the federal level are constantly changing. Everyone wants to be good stewards of the environment. However, even those companies with the noblest of intentions can find themselves running afoul of a new federal regulation or state mandate. Although the intention behind some environmental laws is positive, they can be restrictive and prohibitive. They can cause delays in construction or the expansion of a business. To expediate the process, you need a knowledgeable lawyer who knows environmental law and the pitfalls.

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Insurance Law

When you purchase insurance for your home, business, or vehicle, you expect to be paid when something happens. There are instances in which the insurance company will attempt to dissuade you from seeking a claim or look for any loophole it can to refuse a claim. Insurance companies are under an obligation to pay their customers when they file a qualified claim. A lawyer will represent you against an insurance company on a variety of issues, including claims handling, claims discovery, policy form approval, bad faith, and other coverage issues. Our lawyers are prepared to represent you.

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Labor and Employment Law

There are multiple facets to running a business that are confusing and complicated. One of the most important pertains to how you treat and deal with your employees. This can also be the most complicated when it comes to laws governing your business. Employees are entitled to certain benefits and protections, and as an employer, it is your obligation to provide them. Our lawyers know employment law and will help you manage your employees and fulfill your legal obligations. In addition, there might be certain employees who believe they are being treated unfairly. We have experience defending companies in discrimination cases, wrongful termination cases, and others.

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Land Use

It may appear in certain cases that states impose restrictive land use regulations to discourage developers from building on certain parcels of land. There is no telling the true motivations for why a state impose certain limitations, but it is still possible to comply with them and achieve your development goals. Even though New Jersey maintains strict land use regulations, our lawyers have experience working on similar cases and will protect your rights as a developer. In addition, the process for developing your property may seem long and arduous, but our lawyers have been successful in obtaining permits, variances, easements, and other accommodations for commercial and residential real estate construction throughout New Jersey.

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Real Estate

The process of purchasing a home or building can be complicated and tedious. There are multiple steps that you as the buyer or seller must go through before closing a deal. Along the way, numerous documents and agreements must change hands between both parties and be reviewed and signed. A lawyer can handle your legal commitments by making sure that the proper documents go to the correct people and that the contracts do not contain harmful language to you or your interests. A lawyer will identify problems as they arise and make the necessary adjustments.

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No one enjoys paying taxes, but they are a necessary obligation that individuals and corporations have. When working with a qualified lawyer along with your accountant, you can hope to avoid any attention from the IRS. When you own a business, paying your taxes can be even more complicated. Even with the best planning and preparation, you might still find yourself or your business as the target of an audit. In those instances, it is even more imperative that you bring on board a lawyer.

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Trust and Estates

You want to ensure that your family and heirs are cared for when you are gone. Finalizing a will or establishing a trust are two ways you can achieve your goals. An estate planning lawyer can help you through the process to guarantee that your needs are met and that your wishes are expressed. Creating an estate plan means your loved ones will receive your assets while minimizing the chances of any legal wrangling to take place among them. Our lawyers will also be available to guarantee that your wishes are fulfilled.

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