Proper Land Use Allows You To Maximize Your Property’s Value

While the most important feature of a real estate parcel might be its location, businesses and individuals buying property must first worry about their ability to use the land for their desired purpose. At Herold Law, P.A., our attorneys are well-versed in New Jersey land use issues affecting the development of residential, commercial and industrial properties. We help our clients overcome problems that could prevent them from fully realizing the value of their property.

Reliable Advice At Every Stage Of The Land Use Process

New Jersey has many legitimate interests in regulating land use, which corporate entities and individuals must understand and respect. As restrictive as local, state and federal rules sometimes appear, property owners can achieve their investment goals and remain fully in compliance. Our land use attorneys provide able assistance at every stage of the land use and permitting process:

  • Land use planning
  • Attending to financing requirements
  • Preparing transaction documentation
  • Assisting with expert selection, including architects, planners, environmental analysts, engineers and other consultants
  • Preparing and presenting municipal, state and federal applications
  • Appearing before municipal, state and federal agencies to obtain necessary approvals

Our land use attorneys have been successful in obtaining permits, variances, easements and other accommodations for commercial and residential real estate construction throughout New Jersey.

Our attorneys have been successful in appealing adverse land-use decisions in administrative hearings at the local, state and federal levels. When necessary, we have taken cases to state and federal court. When questions arise regarding our clients’ compliance with land use, wetlands and other environmental regulations, we provide highly professional representation to mitigate exposure to liability and resolve issues in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Dedicated Representation For Objectors And Intervenors

Although we are primarily a commercial boutique law firm, we also represent interested parties, known as objectors or intervenors, who oppose a proposed land use development or acquisition. In doing so, we typically focus on the following issues:

  • Alternative development
  • Easements
  • Eminent domain and inverse condemnation
  • Endangered species issues
  • Environmental issues
  • Landmark preservation and historic districts
  • Open space and sustainability
  • Stormwater management and wetlands law

Our experience on both sides of these issues empowers us to identify potential adverse impacts and achieve reasonable solutions to land development concerns. However, when these proposed solutions are not achievable through negotiation, we have the experience, skill and resources to fight in court for a positive outcome.

Contact Our Land Use Lawyers

How your company manages land use can make all the difference in your success. Land use attorneys at Herold Law, P.A., are determined to help you realize the economic value of your property. To schedule a consultation, call our office in Warren at 908-647-1022 or contact us online.