Month: May 2021

In a seller’s real estate market, buyers should tread lightly

Feeling ready to move forward with purchasing a home is an exciting but sometimes overwhelming experience. Even if New Jersey residents have purchased a home before, the trends and real estate market could be vastly different than the last time they made such a purchase. In cases when the real estate market is hot and sellers …

4 business formation mistakes to avoid

When forming a business, the details matter. Creating a comprehensive plan gives a business a strong foundation for success, but mistakes during the formation process can limit opportunities for growth. What mistakes today could lead to business trouble tomorrow? 1. Failing to investigate a potential company name When naming your company, you have a variety …

Robert J. Donaher Quoted in Recent New Jersey Law Journal/ Article

Robert J. Donaher, Esq., Of Counsel to the firm and a former Deputy Attorney General for the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, was recently quoted in an article in the New Jersey Law Journal/ entitled, “Does Impending Public Discourse VIolate Antitrust Rules? Plaintiffs Say Yes in Big Tech Suits.”  Donaher commented on lawsuits by …

A construction accident could result from defects

When some New Jersey residents think of damages after an accident, they may think of physical harm suffered by a person or sustained by someone’s property. However, damages can come in many forms, including financial losses and non-economic damages. Because so much harm could come from a single event, such as a construction accident, insurance …

Taking a contract breach to court

Business contracts do not always prevent misunderstandings or disagreements between the parties who sign them. Nevertheless, you know as a business owner that the chances are much higher of facing a serious dispute with a customer, employee, vendor or another business with whom you work if you do not have a contract in place. Strong …

Eminent domain dispute over pipeline involves state of New Jersey

Land use can be a tricky topic. Whether it is commercial or private property, most property owners want to protect their asset as much as possible. As a result, when a government agency wants to use eminent domain to seize property for a project, it is understandable that it will not sit well with everyone. …

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