A construction accident could result from defects

construction accident defects

When some New Jersey residents think of damages after an accident, they may think of physical harm suffered by a person or sustained by someone’s property. However, damages can come in many forms, including financial losses and non-economic damages. Because so much harm could come from a single event, such as a construction accident, insurance often does not cover all of the hardships suffered after this type of event. As a result, filing a civil lawsuit may be necessary.

Though construction accidents could occur for any number of reasons, defects are a leading cause of injury-causing incidents. When a construction defect has resulted in a structure being unstable or unsound, there are sometimes multiple parties that could be held liable for the damages that result from any issues. It may not always be easy to pinpoint where the exact issue started from without a thorough investigation.

Often, if a defect is suspected as the cause of a serious accident, one or more of the following issues may be at the heart of the matter:

  • Problems with materials: It is not uncommon for construction companies or contractors to use cheap or inadequate building materials in hopes of saving money. If those materials lack integrity, a material defect could result.
  • Workman issues: These issues can result from shoddy workmanship, such as when workers do not follow the plans or take shortcuts to save time.
  • Defects with the design: In some cases, the defect could exist before the structure even begins the physical construction process. If a designer does not create a plan that suits the specific needs of the structure, the design could be unsound and lead to stability problems or other issues later.

When injuries, financial losses, pain and suffering, and other harm results from a New Jersey construction accident, those responsible for the defect or other problem that caused the incident should be held accountable. In some cases, this could mean that those who have suffered may need to file civil claims against the parties or parties liable for the incident. Because these cases can be complicated, having legal help is often a step in the right direction.