Month: July 2023

E-Bike Delivery Driver Insurance: Is it Worth it?

E-bikes have changed transportation and the way that deliveries are made. Courier businesses and other delivery services have increasingly turned to e-bikes to help riders navigate busy city streets. These vehicles are street-legal, but they operate differently than standard bicycles. A business could have legal risk and exposure if an e-bike driver is involved in …

The Top Trends and Developments in Insurance for 2023

Technology is changing how insurance companies operate and provide services to their customers. The past few years have seen quantum leaps forward in the technologies available to insurance companies. The hope is that these advances will help both the customer and the insurance company, providing better coverage for a more affordable price. Here are four …

Can an Attorney Help Me With Tax Planning?

The amount of tax you owe the government results from a year’s worth of tax planning. The federal and state tax laws are complicated. An experienced attorney can help you with tax planning, putting you in a better situation come tax season. Tax Laws Are Extremely Complex Tax planning is all about being proactive. You …

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