E-Bike Delivery Driver Insurance: Is it Worth it?

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E-bikes have changed transportation and the way that deliveries are made. Courier businesses and other delivery services have increasingly turned to e-bikes to help riders navigate busy city streets. These vehicles are street-legal, but they operate differently than standard bicycles. A business could have legal risk and exposure if an e-bike driver is involved in an accident. The same holds true if you are an individual rider who owns an E-bike for recreational or transportation purposes. Thus, it would be worthwhile to consider e-bike insurance.

E-bikes have become wildly popular. Sales more than doubled from 2017 to 2021. Cities are attempting to minimize traffic by incentivizing delivery services to use E-bikes. However, state laws have not yet caught up to provide for effective regulation of how E-bikes can ride.

E-Bikes Have a Higher Severe Accident Risk

An E-bike is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor to make it easier to pedal. Most of these bikes can reach 20 miles per hour, while one class of E-bike can reach speeds approaching 30 miles per hour. E-bikes can weave in and out of traffic, as the rider does their best to make deliveries on time. E-bikes are in traffic just like any other vehicle. Just because an E-Bike is not a car does not mean there is less risk of an accident. When an accident does occur, it is often severe or fatal.

Liability Insurance for an E-Bike Accident

It is essential to have liability insurance in case the E-bike rider causes an accident. If another driver is involved, your business could be responsible for their cost without an insurance policy. In addition, your business could also suffer a loss when the products you were delivering are damaged in an accident. You should have insurance to cover the damage to the bike itself because E-bikes can range up to $10,000 and are expensive to repair.

E-bike insurance coverage may not come cheap because some companies consider these vehicles high-risk. However, coverage is a must because of the possibility of an accident.

You Can Suffer Other Damages in an E-Bike Accident

In addition to insurance to cover accidents, you may also need insurance for the bike. There have been numerous safety concerns related to the lithium-ion battery itself. These batteries have been known to catch fire, potentially injuring the rider.

Finally, you would need coverage to pay costs related to your injuries. E-bike accident injuries can be even more severe than those you may suffer in a bicycle accident. First, the bicycle is traveling at a higher speed. Second, the E-bike is heavier than a standard bike, meaning you could suffer more severe injuries in a fall.

An E-Bike Accident Case Can Be Difficult

E-bike accidents can be complicated when assigning liability. Given the complexity of the bike, there is a chance that the e-bike manufacturer could be at fault for the accident. However, even if the E-bike malfunctioned, you could be partly liable. You could also be liable if an automobile driver was injured in an E-bike accident.

You should speak with a lawyer after any E-Bike accident to help resolve legal issues.

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