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How can a mortgagee clause help banking institutions?

When a New Jersey banking institution issues a mortgage loan, it is doing so at great risk. While many borrowers do their best to stay on top of their mortgage payment and see the loan through to the end, the chance always exists that a borrower could default on the loan. This situation could leave …

When do banks have a fiduciary duty?

It is not uncommon for New Jersey banks and other financial institutions to offer services that involve the institutions acting as fiduciaries. These services typically involve handling personal matters on behalf of a client and doing what is right and necessary to obtain some kind of benefit for the client. However, it is important to remember that not every financial institution or position …

Bank protection is important when issuing a personal loan

Supplying banking customers with loans is not unusual in many New Jersey banking and financial institutions. However, there are always numerous details to consider when it comes to determining what type of loan a bank should provide to a particular customer, if the entity should provide one at all. Often, one of the most important factors to consider …

Loan agreements can protect the interests of banks, borrowers

Lending money is a tricky business. Though New Jersey banks, credit unions and other financial institutions handle these matters regularly, it is important that the details of every loan transaction are reviewed carefully. Loan agreements work to protect both the lender and the borrower, and it is crucial that those terms meet the needs of …

Banks have the right to foreclose to collect on debt

Banks and other financial institutions in New Jersey put a lot on the line when they provide mortgage loans. In fact, hundreds of thousands of dollars are typically on the line, and if a person does not stay current with the payments on that loan, the bank could start losing money and need to take …

Banking institutions must comply with finance-related regulations

Running a financial institution can be lucrative, but it also means complying with the law. If a bank or credit union does not disclose important information to its potential borrowers, it could be violating the law. As a result, it is wise for any banking institution in New Jersey to ensure that it understands the …

Enforcing creditor rights important when loans are not repaid

Banks have a lot of responsibility. Though many individuals may see banks as faceless institutions, the people who work in these establishments often want to provide useful services to help consumers with their financial needs. Though some people may think that banks take advantage of consumers, it is possible for New Jersey banks to need …

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