Month: October 2020

Buying commercial property could involve a bidding war

When running a New Jersey business, the location can play a significant role in whether a company thrives or takes a dive. As a result, when a company owner finds what he or she believes is the right commercial property for the business, acquiring that property as quickly as possible is often the goal. Of …

Risk Management Alert: An Update on COVID-19 Insurance Litigation

As insurers continue to issue blanket denials for COVID-19 business interruption losses, courts nationwide are seeing an influx of cases seeking a review from the denials.  A Bergen County Judge recently denied a Motion to Dismiss filed by an insurance company and rejected the insurer’s claim that COVID-related losses cannot qualify as covered losses.  In Optical …

Banking institutions must comply with finance-related regulations

Running a financial institution can be lucrative, but it also means complying with the law. If a bank or credit union does not disclose important information to its potential borrowers, it could be violating the law. As a result, it is wise for any banking institution in New Jersey to ensure that it understands the …

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