Category: Commercial Litigation

What Are the Best Practices for Contract Compliance?

A business can face serious legal consequences if found in breach of contract. They may have to pay various damages, even if they did not intend to breach the contract. Sometimes, contractual lawsuits result from disputes between the two parties. A business needs to monitor its actions to reduce the chances of losing a breach …

The Importance of Document Preservation in Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a document-intensive process. The case may turn on evidence in documents that you or the other side hold in your possession. Both sides have a legal obligation to preserve documents in the case. Otherwise, there could be consequences in the litigation. Your documents can contain helpful evidence for your case. They may …

Understanding Breach of Contract Claims in Commercial Litigation

A contract is a legally binding document. In a contract, each party promises to do or not do something. When there is a valid contract, each party has the legal right to enforce it. If they do not believe that the other party is living up to the terms of the agreement, they can file …

Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Attorney for Commercial Litigation

The right attorney can make a significant difference in your commercial litigation case. Different attorneys may handle cases in varying ways and may not have the same advocacy skills. While you may not have much time to hire an attorney, you still need to be deliberate. Here are some things to consider when hiring an …

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