Month: September 2020

Employers: Make information about reasonable accommodations clear

It is not unusual for employers to feel uncertain about how to handle certain situations. However, most in New Jersey understand that they need to follow the law when it comes to preventing discrimination and providing reasonable accommodations for disabled employees. This compliance can help workers as well as hopefully prevent lawsuits from coming against …

Protect your business with a thorough partnership agreement

At the beginning of nearly every partnership, the parties involved are on good terms. They are looking forward to the future and believe that their business relationship will last forever. However, just like a marriage, disputes can arise at any time, and being prepared for that could help in the resolution of those disagreements. If …

Environmental concerns lead to rejected land use proposal

When parcels of land are abandoned or have otherwise not been in use for some time, development company owners may view those parcels as opportunities. However, zoning issues and environmental concerns can arise that make area residents wary as to whether construction is a good idea. In some cases, residents may be able to oppose …

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