Month: November 2019

New Jersey Limits Power of Nondisclosure Agreements

In March 2019, New Jersey rejected nondisclosure agreements that stop people from discussing their harassment, discrimination or retaliation claims. A strong move in favor of employees, many saw it in the light of the #MeToo movement that so much discussed during the winter before. It may take the new law’s first anniversary to begin usefully …

New Jersey bank found to retaliate for complaint

A New Jersey jury said a bank must pay nearly $1 million for retaliating against an employee after she complained to management about illegal gender discrimination. This past summer, New Jersey’s appellate court agreed. The case shows some of what it takes to prove retaliation for a discrimination complaint. It also illustrates that discrimination still …

New Jersey Gives Sharp Teeth to Prevailing Wage Act

This summer, contractors with business in New Jersey scrambled to figure out what the state’s new employment statutes would mean for their projects. The changes give sweeping new powers to the Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development in dealing with suspected violations of the Prevailing Wage Act (PWA). The new rules raise or revive many …

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