Month: May 2022

What Do I Need to Know About Commercial Property Insurance?

If you are a business owner, it is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your commercial property is protected in the event of an unforeseen accident. Whether you are running a business out of a building that you rent or own, or out of your home, you likely invested a significant …

What Is the Best Way to Split My Estate for My Children?

When people die, they can leave behind many assets. These assets may include real estate, vehicles, life insurance policies, financial accounts, and much more. Together, they make up the deceased person’s estate. No matter how modest or large your estate, you probably have some ideas on who receives all or part of it when you …

What Are Some Mistakes to Look Out for In My Insurance Plan?

Every person and family should have adequate insurance coverage, with these policies at a minimum: Business owners and people with large estates or other unique circumstances will often require additional insurance coverages. Insurance is a vital part of a financial plan, even if some view it as a necessary evil. The truth is that insurance, …

What Are Toxic Torts and Occupational Exposure?

Toxic torts are a type of personal injury. These injuries occur after use of certain products which contain toxic chemicals, materials, or even radiation. Toxic torts cases often arise from a person’s exposure while working. How to Prove a Toxic Tort Claim? Even if you were exposed to toxic chemicals at work, you have to …

Estate Planning for Elderly Unmarried Couples

Even without estate planning, there are laws in place for married couples to distribute property and assets to either the other spouse, children, or parents. However, there are few laws for unmarried couples, even if they have lived together for a lengthy period of time. That is why estate planning is imperative for elderly, unmarried …

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