Month: August 2021

Tips for managing a construction project as well as possible

Being a developer or construction company owner can be a fulfilling but difficult job. The decisions made during a construction project can affect various aspects of a structure now and well into the future. Additionally, it is important that the lead managers on such projects understand how to make the developments go as smoothly as …

Considering alternative dispute resolution for your company

A legal dispute has the potential to cost your company a significant amount of money to resolve. In addition to the impact on your resources, it can divert your time and mental focus, and it’s important for the long-term well-being of your business to seek a beneficial resolution. This is why some companies prefer alternative …

When do banks have a fiduciary duty?

It is not uncommon for New Jersey banks and other financial institutions to offer services that involve the institutions acting as fiduciaries. These services typically involve handling personal matters on behalf of a client and doing what is right and necessary to obtain some kind of benefit for the client. However, it is important to remember that not every financial institution or position …

Severance packages may lessen blow of layoffs, other termination

Running a New Jersey business involves a lot of forethought and attempts to predict how to handle hypothetical situations. For example, it may be necessary to consider whether to provide severance packages to certain workers in certain situations. This type of compensation package could apply if a worker or multiple workers need to be let …

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