Month: November 2021

Data Breaches and Government Investigations

Data Breaches and Government Investigations – Important Information for All Entities that Handle Sensitive Information, Including the Availability of Insurance Coverage. By: Michael J. Faul, Jr. and Adam K. Gallagher Computers have become commonplace for many businesses in different industries. Computers are used for various reasons, including the storage of clients’ personal or financial information. With …

Supply Chain Insurance and Contingent Business Interruption Insurance – Two Overlooked Areas of Insurance Coverage.

By Michael J. Faul, Jr. Esq. and Adam K. Gallagher, Esq. Risk management is increasingly a major concern that a business cannot ignore.  When tumultuous times such as the global pandemic happen, businesses and individuals look to their insurance policies for protection.  Insurance brokers and agents sell boilerplate “off the shelf” policies that are crafted …

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