Month: January 2024

What Can Policyholders Do to Minimize the Risk of a Denied Insurance Claim?

Before the insurance company makes a monetary offer, they need to decide that your damages are covered. They may believe your claim is excluded or does not fall within the policy’s coverage. Alternatively, they may have an issue with how you filed the claim. While you can always challenge the insurance company in court, you …

Saving Federal Estate and Gift Taxes Using Arithmetic

Robert S. Schwartz, Esq. We believe our regular readers know a lot about the Federal gift and estate tax system. In general, until January 1, 2026, present law imposes a 40% of asset value tax once property transfers by gift or by the laws of descent and distribution exceed a cumulative $13,610,000 of transferred property …

The Importance of Document Preservation in Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is a document-intensive process. The case may turn on evidence in documents that you or the other side hold in your possession. Both sides have a legal obligation to preserve documents in the case. Otherwise, there could be consequences in the litigation. Your documents can contain helpful evidence for your case. They may …

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