Month: February 2022

What Are Common Insurance Disputes?

When you purchase insurance, your agent will likely be pleasant, attentive, and most importantly, responsive to your questions and concerns about the policy. Unfortunately, that demeanor can shift when it is time to file a claim. You might find it more difficult to contact your agent when you are seeking compensation for an accident. They …

What Is the Probate Process in New Jersey?

You may have heard of probate, but it may be unfamiliar unless you have dealt with a will. Probate is a process used by courts to enforce the provisions of a will. Probate also manages any disputes that might arise about the decedent’s estate. If there is a person named as the executor for the …

What Is Petroleum Contamination?

Petroleum, or crude oil, is a fossil fuel found under land or ocean floors that is extracted and refined into products like gasoline, oils, diesel fuels, and kerosene. These are composed of petroleum hydrocarbon compounds that can cause problems if they leech into soil or drinking water. As these compounds are highly mobile, they transport …

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