Month: July 2022

What Are Insurance Theft Claims?

In a 2019 report, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program described burglary as an “unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony theft.” Forcible entry, attempted forcible entry and unlawful entry with no force used all fall under this definition. In 2019 there were over 1 million burglaries, totaling over 3 billion in …

What Are Property Coverage Insurance Disputes?

You bought a home that required all your savings, but it was worth it for your dream home: then an unforeseen catastrophe strikes and the home you dreamt of suffers significant damage. Luckily, you have homeowners’ insurance. You file a claim to fix your damaged dream home, but your insurance company claims that your policy …

What are Estate Taxes?

In the U.S., individuals and families with large estates and wealth must pay federal estate taxes, which apply to rich estates worth more than $12.06 million (as of 2022) or more than $24 million for married couples. This blog sheds light on what estate taxes are, what percentage heirs must pay, and how estate taxes …


“Reading the numerous exceptions and special rules of the new federal chemical excise taxes, I easily recalled the United States Tax Court’s recent description of the federal tax law as a whole: “One way to think about tax law is to view it as a series of general rules qualified by exceptions, and exceptions to …

How Do I File a Toxic Tort Claim?

A toxic tort claim results from a person’s injury or illness relating to their exposure to a toxic chemical. However, proving you were exposed and that any illness or injury you may have suffered stems from that exposure, is difficult. To get the help you deserve, speak with a toxic tort lawyer today. Examples of …

What is the New Initiative to Enforce Silica Dust Standards?

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) recently announced their new initiative to uphold its current respirable crystalline silica standards. Otherwise known as quartz, silica is a common material found on construction, mining, oil, or gas sites, and is generally found in the soil, concrete, sand, rock, granite, and other materials. …

What Are an Executor’s Duties?

When an individual creates a will, they typically appoint someone to carry out their wishes after they pass away. That person is the executor of the will. They manage the estate according to the decedent’s directives and distribute any remaining assets according to the will. If you are named an executor in will, you probably …

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