Month: July 2021

Is your business ready for these 6 common lawsuits?

Before you started your business, you likely planned for months or even years. You may have carefully laid out a business strategy and devised a routine for day-to-day operations, all the while seeking the advice and support of veterans and experts in your field. Planning is a wise step because it can help you foresee potential …

Review of lease terms crucial when considering commercial space

Most people who have dealt with any type of real estate know that no two transactions are the same. When business owners or operators are looking for commercial space to lease in New Jersey, it is especially important that they are cautious and thorough in their research before signing a commercial lease, even if they have …

Impacts on the environment important in construction

Those in the construction industry in New Jersey and elsewhere know that trends come and go, and the needs and wants of individuals looking for structures to be renovated or built new can change in the blink of an eye. These days, a significant importance is placed on sustainability and considering the impact construction can have on …

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