Month: March 2021

Construction companies must be mindful of zoning during projects

When wanting to build something new in a particular area, there are many laws and regulations that must be addressed. Construction companies and individuals looking to build will need to ensure that they follow New Jersey laws regarding permits, contracts, regulations and zoning. In some cases, zoning can be a tricky issue, especially if someone …

What are my options when my partner breaches our agreement?

Ideally, you and your business partner worked out a written agreement that defines the expectations of your partnership. Your agreement likely outlines how you will share the duties, expenses and profits of your New Jersey business as well as how to set and adjust the company’s goals. However, does your partnership agreement say what should …

What is earnest money, and how much will you pay?

When deciding to make a significant financial transaction, it is important for individuals to know exactly what they are getting into. For example, if New Jersey residents are ready to buy a home, they need to understand that a lot more money goes into the process than simply the asking price for the property. In …

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