Construction companies must be mindful of zoning during projects


When wanting to build something new in a particular area, there are many laws and regulations that must be addressed. Construction companies and individuals looking to build will need to ensure that they follow New Jersey laws regarding permits, contracts, regulations and zoning. In some cases, zoning can be a tricky issue, especially if someone wants to build something in an area that is not strictly zoned for the type of building or activity.

Zoning laws exist in an effort to reduce issues that could erupt if buildings for different types of uses were clustered together. For example, building a nightclub in the middle of a residential area could cause a number of problems, including noise complaints or negative environmental impacts. As a result, any time a construction project is planned, it is necessary to ensure that it meets zoning requirements.

Several types of zoning exist, including:

  • Commercial zoning for businesses, hotels, nightclubs, shopping centers and more
  • Residential zoning for single family homes, apartments, homesteads and the like
  • Agricultural zoning for protecting farming communities
  • Industrial zoning for storage facilities or manufacturing plants
  • Combination zoning for mixed-used purposes

This list is not exhaustive of the types of zones construction companies or individuals may be subject to when taking on a project. If this particular land use concern becomes an issue for a project, it may be necessary to determine whether taking the issue to a zoning board or other applicable panel is warranted. It may also be worthwhile to discuss zoning issues with experienced New Jersey attorneys to gain insight into possible options for remedying concerns.