Month: January 2021

A reasonable accommodation interview could benefit everyone

It is important that New Jersey employers stay compliant with applicable laws that pertain to their employees. In particular, if an employee requests a reasonable accommodation due to a disability, it is important that the employer perform his or her due diligence by finding out more information before approving or denying a request. If proper …

Corporate bylaws can lay important groundwork

Choosing to incorporate a company is a major step for any business owner. Incorporation can mean taking additional steps to ensure that everyone involved in the company is on the same page and that the appropriate New Jersey laws have been followed to incorporate properly. Specifically, drawing up corporate bylaws is an important part of …

Will mediation or arbitration resolve your business dispute?

Business disputes can disrupt your productivity, staff morale and your company’s reputation, not to mention your bottom line. Resolving disputes as quickly and peacefully as possible is in your best interests, and this may mean staying out of the courtroom, where it is easy to lose control of the situation. Whether your dispute involves an …

Construction disputes could be handled with ADR

Running a construction operation is not a foolproof business. In fact, many New Jersey construction company owners commonly run into issues during projects. These issues can arise for various reasons, and many can be resolved easily. However, some problems may pose a considerable threat to the project and put a company as risk of losing …

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