Month: April 2020

Handling False Allegations of Discrimination

For a business owner, there are many challenges that surface, from financial worries to issues involving business partners and clients. However, employment law matters are especially tricky and our law office knows that many companies are hit hard by false allegations involving discrimination.  If you run a large company or a relatively modest business, it …

What Should You Know About Employing Minors?

As a business owner, you likely know that various laws exist regarding the employment of workers. For some groups, however, additional laws exist that you must adhere to or risk potential legal consequences. One such group is teenagers, who often provide labor at retail and recreational establishments, among other jobs. To help ensure you comply …

What Do the Different Types of ADR Entail?

No business wants to become involved in disputes, but very few can avoid it forever. Litigation is sometimes necessary. However, it is often desirable to avoid court for many reasons: information used in court may become public record, trials can be costly, lengthy legal proceedings distract from doing business and courts sometimes make surprising rulings.  Often, …

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