Month: May 2020

How the Misclassification Package Affects Business Owners

In January of this year, the New Jersey governor enacted a group of laws called the Misclassification Package. As the name suggests, these new regulations prevent businesses from incorrectly classifying employees as independent contractors.  If you own or manage a business with employees, familiarize yourself with the new laws governing employee classification in New Jersey.  Stop-work …

What Is A Brownfield?

Rundown and vacant buildings and properties can bring down a community. They attract criminal activity and be a way to harbor disease. According to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, some abandoned sites are a brownfield. To be a brownfield, the site must have a history or assumption of contamination in the area.  The government …

Resolving a Dispute Regarding Overtime Pay

When it comes to disagreements and legal challenges regarding employment matters, there are many reasons why employees and employers become involved in a dispute. Sexual harassment and discrimination are common, but there are many other reasons why employees decide to take action. For example, some allege that they did not receive overtime pay that they …

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