Month: April 2021

Need to fire a worker? Follow proper procedure

New Jersey employers have a lot of legal matters to address throughout the course of their duties. In addition to adhering to the law in the ways they operate their businesses, they must also prepare for and hopefully avoid situations that could pose legal issues for the company. In particular, when having to fire a …

A close look at non-compete terms in a contract dispute

Employment contracts are an important tool for most types of companies. In this type of contract, a New Jersey employer can outline expectations and responsibilities for both parties during the employment term, reducing the chance of a conflict. It is also possible to include terms that will protect the interests of the business, such as …

Banks have legal obligations to protect consumer data

Running a banking institution involves garnering consumers’ trust. After all, no one wants to bank with a company that seems lax in its protections or does not follow federal and New Jersey state laws. In particular, bank owners and operators want to ensure that they protect consumers’ personal information and data, and understanding their legal …

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