Month: October 2021

Do you have standards or policies for your remote employees?

Over the past several years, businesses like yours have had to find some creative ways to remain viable due to the worldwide health and safety concerns. You may have reevaluated your working environment and offered your employees options that would increase their levels of comfort in order to maintain productivity during the work slowdown. Among …

Avoiding issues through a carefully crafted will

Every New Jersey adult will benefit from making certain plans for the future. Legal and financial planning allows one to have a measure of control over certain things, including what will happen with assets and money after passing. The basic first step in this process is to create a will carefully crafted and uniquely suited …

How can a mortgagee clause help banking institutions?

When a New Jersey banking institution issues a mortgage loan, it is doing so at great risk. While many borrowers do their best to stay on top of their mortgage payment and see the loan through to the end, the chance always exists that a borrower could default on the loan. This situation could leave …

6 ways to minimize liability for construction defects

As a subcontractor, you understand how the little things can make a profound impact on a construction project. Your attention to detail is what improves your chances of running a successful business based on a solid reputation for doing quality work. However, when a client complains about construction defects, or a defect creates a dangerous …

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