Month: July 2020

Enforcing creditor rights important when loans are not repaid

Banks have a lot of responsibility. Though many individuals may see banks as faceless institutions, the people who work in these establishments often want to provide useful services to help consumers with their financial needs. Though some people may think that banks take advantage of consumers, it is possible for New Jersey banks to need …

An employment contract can provide useful info and protection

Running a business takes a lot of work, and each minute of the workday is often filled with important matters. As a result, it can be difficult to take the time to explain every detail of a job to a new employee. Fortunately, an employment contract can include much of the important information a new …

Understanding the types of easements

When shopping for and preparing to purchase a first home, consumers must educate themselves about many new things that they had likely not had to address or think about as renters. Everything from the steps involved in making an offer to what rights they may or may not have with their new property can be …

The entity structure you choose sets the stage for your business

As you start your list of tasks to complete when starting a new business, it may have the choice of entity structure at the top. The type of entity you choose to operate your business under often sets the stage for how your business will function and could even influence its success. If you are …

What is the difference between arbitration and mediation?

New Jersey business owners like you need to have preparations for handling disputes. There are many methods to do this. Three primary ways are through arbitration, litigation and mediation.  Litigation is often the option you want to look at last. Mediation and arbitration both offer benefits that you may want.  Litigation, arbitration and mediation  FINRA …

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