Month: October 2022

Is Air Pollution Worse in the Colder Months?

While the topic of air pollution does not get as much news coverage as global warming, it is still a serious worldwide problem. International efforts to combat polluted air started in 1972, yet the World Health Organization (WHO) has claimed that polluted air is the world’s biggest environmental health risk. Air pollution can be even …

Estate Planning with Cryptocurrency

Estate planning can be a time-consuming, complicated process that could end badly if all aspects of the estate and correlating legal aspects are not carefully considered. If estate planning were not complicated enough, the digital age has brought about cryptocurrency, changing the game. Cryptocurrency has added a layer of digital complexity to the traditional business …

What To Expect When Filing a Theft Claim?

You enter your house and discover you have been burglarized. Someone has invaded your home and taken your personal belongings, perhaps even valuables and irreplaceable sentimental objects. The feeling is overwhelming, traumatizing, and makes you feel highly vulnerable. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there are more than one million burglaries in the United …

What Is Fiduciary Liability Insurance Coverage?    

If you are a fiduciary for a business that offers benefits for its employees, you have a responsibility by law to serve the best interests of the employees you represent. That is a serious responsibility, no matter how large or small the business in question may be. Wherever there are employees who are provided benefits, …

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