Month: October 2019

How Are Employees and Independent Contractors Different?

When a company hires a person to work for them, they can either bring them in as a full-time employee or an independent contractor. The pay that each type of worker earns and the tasks they perform may be similar, but there are significant differences, too. The employment status of your workers can affect the …

Keep an eye out for construction defects this winter

Winter can be a frightening time for new homeowners in New Jersey. Temperatures can quickly drop and it doesn’t take long before residents have to deal with snow and ice storms. Because of this, it’s one of the most common seasons to find defects scattered throughout your house that can cause major inconveniences during the …

An Employee Guide to Reporting Sexual Harassment

People have certain legal rights in the workplace. One of the most prominent is the right to be free of harassment and discrimination. While the #MeToo movement has inspired countless employees to come forward about their mistreatment at work, many still wonder how they can file a report. Defining sexual harassment/misconduct The terms sexual harassment …

How to Prevent Potential Partnership Disputes

Entering into a business partnership is an exciting time, but there is a great deal at stake. “What ifs” abound. What if something goes wrong? What if you cannot agree? Are there ways to limit the likelihood of a potentially devastating dispute between you and your partner? Absolutely. Almost all partnership disputes come down to …

What is Tortious Interference?

Your company relies on healthy, open contracts with other businesses. Whether you buy or sell a good or service from another company, having a contract ensures that you can rely on a steady stream of business. If a competitor tries to damage an agreement you have with a third party, you may have the right …

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