Month: April 2022

Can a Lawyer Help with a Denied Insurance Claim?

If you believe your insurance claim was incorrectly denied, hiring an experienced insurance attorney can improve your chances of successfully overturning the company’s decision. In fact, hiring an attorney even before filing the initial claim greatly increases the likelihood your claim will be approved. Insurance companies employ different tactics based on whether the claimant has …

What Contributes to Bad Air Quality?

Bad air quality is a serious health threat both for short and long-term issues. Bad air can irritate your eyes, skin, and cause respiratory discomfort, especially if you have asthma. Long term exposure to bad air quality can reduce your lung function and increase your risk of lung cancer, heart disease, and chronic obstructive pulmonary …

What are Consequential Damages in an Insurance Contract?

All contracts must be made in good faith with the intent to do as you agreed. An insurance policy is a contract between the buyer and the insurance underwriter. When valid claims are filed, the insurer should honor them and pay the policyholder in a reasonably prompt manner. For example, when you buy an auto …

What Is a Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney (“POA”) is a legal document that you can use to let another trusted person make decisions on your behalf when you cannot make those decisions for yourself. Under a POA for yourself, you are called the “principal” and the person you are giving the power to is called your “agent.” There …

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