Should I Get an Insurance Lawyer to Dispute a Home Insurance Claim?

Plainfield Insurance Lawyers at Herold Law, P.A. Help Homeowners with Disputed Home Insurance Claims.

As a homeowner, it is important to have an insurance policy that can cover your needs in the event the unthinkable occurs. But what happens if your insurance company fails to offer enough to cover your damages, or denies your claim altogether? If you find yourself frustrated and faced with denied insurance claims, reaching out to an experienced insurance lawyer may be your best bet. 

Here are the three common scenarios where an insurance company would dispute your insurance property claim:

  • Claim denial: Your insurance company may deny your claim due to a misapplication of your policy or an exclusion, citing that the damage your home sustained was not covered by your policy. Other reasons for claim denial include but are not limited to your insurance saying that the damage was pre-existing, or was a result of negligence or a lack of maintenance. Before filing a claim, it is best to review your policy to see what types of damage is covered and what the maximum value you are covered for.
  • Low offer: Perhaps the most common dispute between insurance companies and their consumers are lower-than-expected payouts. Insurance companies are likely to offer the minimum payout on many damage claims, as they may refuse to cover certain repairs or not inform you of policy benefits that could apply. Furthermore, if you accept the low offer from the insurance company, you cannot contest it later, so be aware that it likely is a permanent decision. 
  • Delay in response: It is possible there may be a delay in your insurance company’s response. Some delayed responses occur because your claim was part of a major disaster where everyone’s insurance claims are backing up the process. An insurance company may enact this strategy because they are in no hurry to write you a check, and they hope that it will frustrate you enough to give up or accept a lower amount.

Whether your claim is forgotten, the payout was too low, or it was denied altogether, you may still feel it is necessary to hire an insurance lawyer. But beware that fighting an insurance company will be an uphill battle, complete with a lot of time and effort as well as stress and paperwork. This is at the point where you would need the help of an insurance lawyer or a public insurance adjuster, which is an independent insurance professional. But before doing that, start with these three steps first:

  • Identify the dispute: Understand what the dispute is before seeking legal help. Your insurance company will likely send you a claim denial letter which you could use to understand the situation better.
  • Compile paperwork: Get all communications, statements, and information in writing, as well as any documents that can help strengthen your claim. Gather inspection reports, estimates, measurements, notes, etc.
  • Appraiser: An insurance company will send their own adjusters to provide an estimate of the damage and cost to repair. It may be in your best interest to hire your own public adjuster; however, they could only negotiate with your insurance company. You will need an insurance lawyer for litigation.

Plainfield Insurance Lawyers at Herold Law, P.A. Help Homeowners with Disputed Home Insurance Claims

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