Why Do I Need a Lawyer for a Denied Insurance Claim?

Warren Insurance Lawyers at Herold Law, P.A. Are Ready and Well-Qualified to Help You With Your Wrongfully Denied Insurance Claim.

While most people might fill out an insurance claim without worrying about anything going wrong, problems can and do arise. You may believe that if you pay the premiums on time, your insurance claim will be processed accordingly. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Insurance lawyers provide legal advice to clients who need help with denied insurance claims. These lawyers can offer assistance when insurance companies want to pay less or outright deny claims for no legitimate reason. They are often able to negotiate insurance settlements in their clients’ favor and can litigate bad faith cases as well. Keep in mind that there are many disreputable insurers and claimants, so even if you have a legitimate claim, they may attempt to put up roadblocks.

A dedicated insurance lawyer can protect their client’s rights and help them avoid a complicated and lengthy legal process. Examples of these types of cases include car accidents, property damage, disability claims, health insurance benefits, and business liability claims. Your lawyer would review the facts, devise a strategy to meet your goals, and gather evidence pertinent to your case.

Many times, insurance lawyers work with providers to negotiate fair settlements while ensuring that state laws are followed and clients’ rights are protected. When settlements cannot be reached, claimants may have to go to court.

Be aware that there are deadlines for filing these types of lawsuits. For this reason, it makes sense to make a call to a lawyer sooner rather than later.

Why Are Insurance Claims Denied?

While some insurance claims are denied for legitimate reasons, like premiums never being paid or false information provided by claimants, the reasons could be unfair or even in breach of your policy. Many times, providers will claim that a procedure, injury, or damages are not covered by the contract, even though that this is not the case.

With homeowners insurance claims, adjusters may lowball the repair estimates to save their company money, or they might impose certain restrictions on the repairs that were not in the original policy. Sometimes, insurance providers allege that arson was the real cause of a fire that destroyed a home, even if was actually caused by an electrical explosion or similar issue.

Providers will likely look for loopholes to deny claims, and they may tell you that your damages or injuries fall outside your scope of coverage. They may state that your situation is excluded from coverage or that you had one late payment, barring you from recovery.

For example, suppose a homeowner’s master bathroom sink flooded, leading to extensive damage. The homeowner’s insurance company may inspect the damage, but only half of the insurance claim might be approved for flood damage coverage, even after a contractor provided a thorough estimate. An insurance lawyer could ask for a new adjuster and estimate. After this, the claim might get approved if the adjuster inspects the house and rightfully corrects the figures.

It is important to note that not all cases will not have the same results, each situation is different. However, if you feel that your insurance clam has been wrongfully reduced, delayed, or denied, you could benefit from contacting a qualified insurance lawyer.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Insurance Lawyer?

Although many insurance claim problems can be handled without assistance of a lawyer, consulting one could be the right choice. If your claim involves a significant amount of money and seems complicated, it might make sense to reach out to a legal professional. An insurance provider may attempt to give you a check that is lower than what the damages warrant, especially if the damages are significant. It is best to consult with a lawyer first.

There are many benefits to having an insurance lawyer, such as when it is hard to establish fault for a claim. You might think an accident was caused by a defective staircase, but the insurance company feels that you were not paying attention when you fell.

They might also take a lot of time to investigate a claim, leaving you with many bills to pay. As a guideline, if you think that you might have an extraordinary expensive or complex claim, contact an insurance lawyer before speaking with the insurance provider. You can also call one if your claim is not being processed according to your policy.

Another benefit of using an insurance lawyer is that they will act as your liaison with the insurance company, so you will not have to deal with that stress. Also, saying the wrong thing to an insurance agent can worsen your situation since they might use your statement against to deny your claim.

An insurance lawyer will also help you with gathering evidence, like medical reports, estimates, photographs, and other proof of injuries and/or damages. They are also familiar with state laws and are better equipped to protect your rights during the entire claims process.

Warren Insurance Lawyers at Herold Law, P.A. Are Ready and Well-Qualified to Help You With Your Wrongfully Denied Insurance Claim

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