Gen Z claims to face much discrimination on the job

gen z discrimination

Working in a negative environment can take a significant toll on many people. In some cases, New Jersey residents may need their jobs to such an extent that they fear speaking up about wrongdoing in the workplace because they do not want to lose their job if they face retaliation. Though discrimination, harassment and other employment issues have seemingly always existed, many hope that the problem is on the decline. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

It was recently reported that a survey conducted among employees regarding their treatment in the workplace had disheartening results. In particular, it appears that the youngest generation of current workers, Gen Z, are facing toxic and abusive work environments in large numbers. The conclusion drawn from these numbers is that mistreatment of workers continues to get worse.

Some results from the survey indicated that individuals in this age group saw the following issues in the workplace:

  • Though 70% of overall respondents indicated that they have faced discrimination or abusive actions at work, 86% of those in Gen Z alone made that indication.
  • Additionally, 18% of Gen Z respondents stated that their workplaces were toxic.
  • When it comes to whether their places of employment are depressing, 17% said yes.

Of course, not all responses were negative as many indicated that their workplaces were diverse, happy and engaging. Still, that does not mean that wrongdoing or illegal treatment cannot take place in areas that come across this way to certain workers. Even one person who faces discrimination on the job is too many. As a result, New Jersey business owners may want to ensure that they are implementing proper antidiscrimination training and taking other actions to curb wrongdoing in the workplace.