A look at the critical components of your real estate contract

Real Estate Contract

Buying and selling real estate in New Jersey is a detailed process that requires you and the other party to be timely and organized in negotiating a contractual agreement. When you are aware of which aspects of a real estate contract are central to your success throughout the transaction, you can be prepared to move forward.

If at any time you are questioning the validity or function of a real estate contract, it is imperative that you ask questions to guarantee that you understand your role in the purchasing agreement and that the outcome will be what you were promised.

A contract means protection for you

Regardless of whether you are the purchaser or the seller of a property, a contract is a critical measure of protection for you and your investment. Such an agreement allows you and the other party to identify each other’s roles, establish parameters for payments and liabilities, and finalize applicable details of the transaction. A well-written agreement that has been notarized and properly signed by both you and the other party will provide a source of reference should any questions about your responsibilities arise.

What to look for in a contract

According to Realtor.com, there are several important components that should be in every real estate contract that you sign. These include the following:

  • The date on which the transaction is finalized and the ownership of the property is transferred between you and the other party.
  • The monetary amount required as a deposit before the transaction can move forward.
  • The date on which you or the other party will be legally able to occupy the establishment.

Finally, there should be detailed information about any contingencies that will impact the sale and transfer of the property between you and the other party. For more information about buying or selling real estate, visit our web page.