A boundary dispute may need legal action to resolve

boundary dispute

When people purchase residential property, they typically want to use it as they please. Unless homeowners’ association covenants or local laws prohibit certain activity or use, most property owners can do what they please on their land. Of course, they do not want anyone else coming on their land and doing what they please. When a neighbor crosses property lines with a fence or building, continuously trespasses or cuts down a tree across the property line, a boundary dispute could arise.

Many New Jersey residents get along well with their neighbors, so if property lines come into question, it is often easy to go directly to the neighbor and discuss any potential problems. However, property lines often do not have physical markers, and even ones that do exist may not be correct. As a result, even friendly neighbors may not agree on where the property lines are.

If an immediate agreement cannot be made about the use of the property or who owns it, records may need to be compared. Unfortunately, records do not always clearly solve this type of dispute either. As a result, legal action may be necessary to bring a concrete resolution to the problem.

If New Jersey residents find themselves in a boundary dispute with a neighbor, they will certainly want the matter handled swiftly and correctly. The longer a boundary issue exists, the more difficult it could be to resolve. As a result, parties contending with this type of dilemma may want to contact experienced real estate attorneys who could help determine best courses of action.