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You may have a business tort claim if the unlawful actions of another party are causing your business harm. It may be that someone has interfered with a relationship between your business and a vendor. Or, maybe your business fell victim to fraud. Whatever the case, an experienced attorney will provide the investigative qualities necessary for your claim.

At Herold Law, P.A., our team has decades of experience working with complex commercial law issues, giving us an edge in business tort disputes. From our office in New Jersey, we have provided legal services to businesses across many practice areas since 1980. Our attorneys will provide vigilant representation as you pursue justice the negotiated settlements or business litigation.

Tort Offenses Can Greatly Harm Your Business

There are several ways a business can fall victim to torts, including:

  • Fraudulent misrepresentation: this occurs when false information leads one party into a contract with another
  • Breach of trust: when someone in a position of trust over your assets fails in their duties to look out for your best interests
  • Commercial disparagement: similar to slander, commercial disparagement is the overt defamation of a business’s name with the intent to cause harm
  • Trade libel: publicly made false information about a business’s products or services that hurts the revenue of that business
  • Tortious interference: as in the above example, tortious interference is when one party interferes with a contract or relationship of another party

These are serious matters that have serious repercussions on the future of your business. Our attorneys will thoroughly examine every aspect of the offense done to your business to see you recover maximum compensation.

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