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Will mediation or arbitration resolve your business dispute?

Business disputes can disrupt your productivity, staff morale and your company’s reputation, not to mention your bottom line. Resolving disputes as quickly and peacefully as possible is in your best interests, and this may mean staying out of the courtroom, where it is easy to lose control of the situation. Whether your dispute involves an …

What is the difference between arbitration and mediation?

New Jersey business owners like you need to have preparations for handling disputes. There are many methods to do this. Three primary ways are through arbitration, litigation and mediation.  Litigation is often the option you want to look at last. Mediation and arbitration both offer benefits that you may want.  Litigation, arbitration and mediation  FINRA …

How the Misclassification Package Affects Business Owners

In January of this year, the New Jersey governor enacted a group of laws called the Misclassification Package. As the name suggests, these new regulations prevent businesses from incorrectly classifying employees as independent contractors.  If you own or manage a business with employees, familiarize yourself with the new laws governing employee classification in New Jersey.  Stop-work …

What Do the Different Types of ADR Entail?

No business wants to become involved in disputes, but very few can avoid it forever. Litigation is sometimes necessary. However, it is often desirable to avoid court for many reasons: information used in court may become public record, trials can be costly, lengthy legal proceedings distract from doing business and courts sometimes make surprising rulings.  Often, …

What is a Business Tort?

A business tort is the legal term for a wrongful action against your company, whether the action in question resulted from reckless, negligence or intention. Although most business torts are only civil offenses, you may be able to seek legal damages if financial loss occurred.  Explore the types of business torts and learn about next …

How Do You Remedy a Breach of Contract?

When New Jersey business owners create a contract, all parties hold responsibilities. If one party does not uphold theirs, this is a breach of contract. When this occurs, relief (“remedy”) is due to the party or parties that did not breach contract.  There are three primary types of remedy for a breach of contract. They …

What is Tortious Interference?

Your company relies on healthy, open contracts with other businesses. Whether you buy or sell a good or service from another company, having a contract ensures that you can rely on a steady stream of business. If a competitor tries to damage an agreement you have with a third party, you may have the right …

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