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Don’t overlook these considerations when buying commercial space

The reasons someone has for buying commercial property can vary. Maybe the individual wants to operate his or her own business out of the space, or perhaps the person intends to purchase the property in order to lease it to a tenant. Whichever the case, understanding a few key considerations to evaluate before making a purchase relating to commercial …

Review of lease terms crucial when considering commercial space

Most people who have dealt with any type of real estate know that no two transactions are the same. When business owners or operators are looking for commercial space to lease in New Jersey, it is especially important that they are cautious and thorough in their research before signing a commercial lease, even if they have …

In a seller’s real estate market, buyers should tread lightly

Feeling ready to move forward with purchasing a home is an exciting but sometimes overwhelming experience. Even if New Jersey residents have purchased a home before, the trends and real estate market could be vastly different than the last time they made such a purchase. In cases when the real estate market is hot and sellers …

What is earnest money, and how much will you pay?

When deciding to make a significant financial transaction, it is important for individuals to know exactly what they are getting into. For example, if New Jersey residents are ready to buy a home, they need to understand that a lot more money goes into the process than simply the asking price for the property. In …

Buying commercial property could involve a bidding war

When running a New Jersey business, the location can play a significant role in whether a company thrives or takes a dive. As a result, when a company owner finds what he or she believes is the right commercial property for the business, acquiring that property as quickly as possible is often the goal. Of …

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