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Video: Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney if I am Not Guilty?

Length: 01:23
Even if you’ve been falsely accused of a crime, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer, who can protect your rights. Our criminal justice system is adversarial by nature, and unrepresented defendants are at a significant disadvantage against a professional prosecutor, even when they are completely innocent. Even if you aren’t ready to hire an attorney, you can consult one on a limited basis and still enjoy full attorney-client privilege.
Herold Law, P.A.

Video: When Should I Start Planning My Estate?

Length: 01:31
There is no specific age for starting this process; the right time to begin planning might be right now. No matter your age or circumstances, having an estate plan can minimize stress for you and reduce hardship for your loved ones after your death. An experienced Warren estate planning lawyer in your area can help you decide which tools make the most sense for you.