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Tax Law Attorneys

In Warren, New Jersey, this law firm is helping you understand and deal with complex tax laws

There are few areas of the law as complicated as the tax laws.  If you have personal or business tax challenges, you need to be represented by attorneys with the skills and experience to help you.  At Herold Law, P.A., we are dedicated to guiding you through all tax issues you may be facing.  We handle all tax law planning and representation matters, including increasing business tax efficiency, reducing taxes upon the sale of a business or upon death, tax agency audits and appeals conferences, and tax litigation.  We represent clients throughout the New York metropolitan area with integrity and professionalism.

What to do if you have unfiled back taxes

If you have not filed your tax returns, or if you have filed but not reported all your income, the most common pattern of underreporting being undisclosed foreign source income, it is only a matter of time before the IRS contacts you.  Consequently, making a voluntary disclosure before tax agency contact avoids the severest of penalties such as criminal tax evasion charges.  With the help of our experienced tax attorneys, working closely with your accountants, you can disclose your unfiled tax returns efficiently and correctly.  We ensure that you file the appropriate forms and documents to resolve your issues with the IRS and protect yourself from criminal investigation.

Navigating an audit by the IRS

Our experience with all areas of tax law allows us to understand the complicated processes and procedures that accompany an audit of any particular kind of tax.  We ensure that you will be prepared for what you are about to face by reviewing your tax returns, re-examining the law and explaining how to address questions an auditor is likely to ask.  Whenever issues cannot be resolved at the audit level, our attorneys can be trusted to advise when administrative appeal of an audit determination is going to be to your advantage.  Rely on our firm to ease your stress and give you the guidance you need.

Fighting for your rights in tax litigation

Tax litigation occurs between a taxpayer and a state or the federal government when facts or questions of law cannot be resolved at the tax agency or administrative levels.  As your dedicated advocates, we will ably represent you through the litigation process.  We file the correct pleadings, stipulate facts whenever practicable, prepare you for testimony, write incisive legal briefs and build professional relationships of trustworthiness with our government attorney adversaries.  These actions help you settle or win your case with efficacy.  No matter what your issues are, our experienced tax law attorneys have extensive experience with the process and are prepared to provide you with the zealous advocacy you need.

Providing criminal tax defense

A criminal tax charge will greatly impact your life, even possibly leading to prison time.  You may face criminal charges if you have not filed tax returns for several years or failed to accurately report your financial situation on tax forms, including in some instances on information reporting forms such as foreign bank account reports.  Any time you face the possibility of a criminal tax investigation, you need to be represented by attorneys with the tenacity and experience to protect your freedom.  At our firm, we can defend you against a laundry list of criminal charges, including tax fraud or tax evasion.

Contact an experienced tax law attorney in Warren.

For all of your tax-related issues, turn to Herold Law, P.A. Call us at 908-647-1022 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. From our Warren office, we represent clients throughout the New York Metropolitan area.