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Herold Law is committed to reaching the most efficient and effective resolutions possible for their clients. This often requires the use of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) techniques that deliver effective results without involving traditional litigation. Some cases are best resolved without the publicity, cost and lack of control that accompanies litigation through the courts. Herold Law’s ADR attorneys are skilled at achieving favorable results for our clients through traditional and other creative ADR methods. Some of those methods include:

Arbitration: Arbitration involves one or more neutral third parties who serve in a capacity similar to a judge and jury in traditional litigation. The benefit of arbitration is the ability to fast track legal disputes to trial, typically saving time and expense associated with motion practice and discovery disputes that often arise in litigation. Arbitrators are often selected based upon their unique qualifications and experience with the types of matters in dispute.

Mediation: Mediation involves the use of a skilled neutral third party who aids the parties to reach their own resolution. The parties maintain ultimate decision-making control over the mediation process and the ultimate outcome of the legal dispute. Cases that cannot be resolved by mediation are then sent to trial or another form of ADR.

Litigation-ADR Hybrids: Herold Law attorneys are skilled at separating issues within a given dispute to achieve the most effective results. Often this involves traditional litigation with the assistance or reference of certain aspects of the case to a neutral third party. This technique has been favored by many clients.